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DERO bike racks are now shipped everywhere across North America as well as to several countries around the globe.

We believe bikes are not just a form of recreation but an integral element to a sustainable and equitable transportation system. Bike commuters are more likely to utilize new protected bike lanes, boulevards, and trails if there is high quality and secure bike parking at their destination. We are proud to know that our work plays a role in the big picture of functional bicycling infrastructure. We are proud to support local and national bicycle advocacy organizations all around the country, such as BikePGH, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, League of American Bicyclists, Alliance for Biking and Walking, and People for Bikes.

DERO Bike Rack Co. was one of the first to make functional but artistic bicycle parking racks. In 1995, its founders believed they could build a successful bike parking business if their products were high quality and functional with newer bike locks (u-locks) so that users know their bikes are secure when locked up, and aesthetically attractive so that architects and planners would integrate them as a visible part of their designs.

At Dero, we are not simply bike rack manufacturers. We ride our bikes to work, to the grocery store, across the country, for fun, to compete, and more. Leading bike-centric lives gives us the real world insight to design innovative, quality and functional bicycling infrastructure that we can rely on every day. We take pride in our craftsmanship. Our team travels the world looking for the latest trends and designs in bike transportation. In-house design talent and engineering skills give us a good handle on how to develop great-looking, enduring, functional products.